"In the house of Lovers, the music never stops, the walls are made of song and the floor dances"  Jalaluddin Rumi   





Al Medina was the lead guitarist and vocalist for the USS John F. Kennedy from 1974-1978, flagship of the 6th Fleet, US Navy. He played all over Europe with the ship's band, bringing American rock and blues to music hungry Europeans. Some outstanding venues in Europe have been Los Caracoles in Barcelona, the lovely seaports of Torremolinos, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca in Spain, Taormina, Syracusa and Catania in Sicily.  Al has been playing guitar since he was ten years old. He moved to Modesto from San Luis Obispo in October 2012 where he was performing for private parties, house concerts and restaurant venues along the Central Coast of California. Al is now performing in the Central Valley of California regularly (Please click on "Shows").  In addition to guitar and vocals, Al plays harmonica and has produced two fine albums - "Never Cross This Desert Alone" and "Secret Hopes and Outright Lies". Born in 1955 overseas to a military family, Al has traveled the world, is a US Navy veteran and has incorporated a broad range of styles and nuances in his music.  It shows in his live performances, where Al never fails to scintillate the audience with soulful vocals, cracklin' guitar and harmonica, laced with humorous anecdotes.  Al's dedication to writing and performing are trademarks of his musicianship.   

A recent review of NEVER CROSS THIS DESERT ALONE, written by Mr. T. Waite from California: 

"Al Medina's CD, Never Cross This Desert Alone, is an eclectic collection of gorgeous heart-wrenching songs. Medina's a singer/songwriter/guitarist with the versatility of an outstanding busker, a bona fide troubadour. His songs range from deceptively simple folk ballads to hardcore rockers. They're mostly about love lost ... and found. But they don't reek of sentimentality; they ooze with genuine pain and hope. Other tracks feature nuanced musings on spirituality, materialism, and nature. Medina pokes fun at convention, without being snarky. And his guitar playing is impeccable. Through painstaking studio work, he sounds like a one-man band. The CD is slick, polished. Each track is distinctive. Track 1 conveys a sense of landscape. Track 2 sounds like an old spiritual. Track 3 features beautiful harmonizing reminiscent of Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Track 6 features flamenco-like guitar riffs. Track 7, my favorite, has positively beautiful guitar phrasing and a catchy chorus. Kudos to Al Medina for sharing these beautiful songs! I look forward to his next CD."
"Secret Hopes and Outright Lies," is an incredible intensive medley of rock, blues and jazz! These eleven songs with the sounds and lyrics your labor of love has created channels not only your philosophy of life but does challenges the listener go within and seek their own joy and bliss, that remains locked within our souls, which are asleep in the cradle of our bodies. Your music stirs the soul to awaken from it slumber which has been sung to sleep by the lullaby of illusion for so long! Thank you for this gift, I will cherish its channeling as a way to unlock the secrets of my own true self!

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Current albums for sale:  "Never Cross This Desert Alone" and "Secret Hopes and Outright Lies"

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